Leveraging the power of modern Computer Aided Design
By modeling our designs in three-dimensional, solids based, parametric CAD software, we test your designs before cutting metal or assembling components. By fully modeling a potential product or mechanism, an interference detection can be performed and assembly issues identified. With over 20 years of CAD modeling experience, we excel at efficient and accurate modeling of complex models and assemblies. An additional benefit of modern CAD software (such as SolidWorks and Pro/E) is the comparability of the three types of files: parts, assemblies and drawings. Changes made to a model or assembly are immediately recognized by all drawing views which are automatically “linked”. This eliminates mistakes and ensures accurate manufacturing documentation.


It is the goal of Caztek, Inc. to achieve engineering excellence in every project. We thrive at handling a complete project from start to finish. If we can be involved with the customer’s requirements and follow through the design process, prototype fabrication and testing, we can provide the most consistent, efficient and comprehensive solutions to meet our customer’s goals. We also believe that our engineers should be hands-on with the manufacturing process. This lends itself to improved design feedback. For example: by programming, setting up and running the CNC machine to make our designs, we have firsthand feedback of the manufacturability of a design. This dramatically improves our “design for manufacturability” skills.

At Caztek, Inc. we are quick to differentiate ourselves, using skills of creativity in the engineering process. By applying our collective historical experiences, yet not letting those experiences blind us to the possibilities of a new idea, we remain free to try different thinking. We strive to iterate toward smart and innovative designs that bring success to our customer’s business.

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